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Stop! You're only 5,300 characters away from earning your white coat & stethoscope. After your "stats" getting into medical school comes down to writing a Personal Statement that does One and Only One thing... Let Me help you craft an amazing medical school essay that makes your admission decision a no-brainer. 
No Worries. Over 95% success rate. I'll get you admitted.

From: Jason Spears

Founder |
4th-year medical student in New York City
MA in Medical Sciences - Boston University School of Medicine
BA in Political Science - Northwestern University (premed society president)
Premed Requirements - Harvard Summer School

Not sure if your essay is good enough?
Want a second opinion before hitting submit?
Having a lot of trouble writing about yourself in a way that moves AdComs?
Wondering if or how much you should talk about your academic imperfections?
How do you actually stand out against all the other applicants?

5,300 Characters To Make Or Break Your Life
First impressions are lasting impressions and this certainly applies to your medical school personal statement.

You have exactly 5,300 characters to make the strongest case of why you should be admitted to medical school over all the other applicants. 

How you go about this process matters.

You do realize getting into medical school is extremely competitive. 

Did you know?

Over 60% of first-time applicants to medical school will be REJECTED! Ouch.

This means AdComs are looking for any and every reason to toss your application. I don't have to tell you the most important aspect of getting into medical school are your "stats." 

Your MCAT score is given the most weight followed by your GPA.

At this point, if you're like most students these numbers are not going to budge. So what's a premed to do?

Once you make the cut based on your numbers AdComs are going to look to your Personal Statement. So if you and another applicant have similar stats your Personal Statement will either get you admitted to medical school or rejected. I kid you not.

So for this reason alone, you need to take the writing of your medical school essay very seriously. Plus, it's entirely under your control too.

You can't blame a bad professor for dropping your GPA or that the test-writers of the MCAT were unfair.

You are in the driver's seat with your Personal Statement for medical school.

Besides, wouldn't it be horrible to work so hard to get into medical school and then not get in because of your inability to write a compelling essay that moves the admissions committee?

How would your family and friends view you if you didn't get into medical school and you were no longer on your way to becoming the next doctor?

Seriously, you had great grades, surprisingly great performance on the MCAT plus a ton of extracurriculars where you're practically a shoe-in at many med schools but it didn't happen. You look back and realize your personal statement kept you from getting into medical school and becoming a doctor.

This happens more often than you think and it's a tragedy. 

Don't let it happen to you.

You have one chance and only one chance to get the writing of your medical school personal statement. 

Did you know?

You will write only one medical school essay.

This medical school essay will then be sent out to all the medical schools you apply to. Meaning, if you make a mistake each and every medical school will see your mistake. This is major! Now you can see why your Personal Statement matters so much.

Plus, even if you catch the mistake after you hit submit on your application or you decide to apply to additional medical schools there's nothing you can do to change your original personal statement. 

Geez, these AdComs are tough. They won't make any exceptions either.

Write Your Way To Becoming A DOCTOR!
Why do you want to be a doctor?

You definitely need to know your why for a career in medicine. At any point, once you declare you're premed get ready to answer this question.

One of the most important places where you need to address your reason for wanting to be a doctor is in your medical school personal statement. But how you go about this process matters a lot.

Seriously, if you write correctly and make a compelling reason of why you deserve to be admitted to medical school and what you plan to bring to the field of medicine it will be very easy for your reader to say yes to your application.

I know you didn't put yourself through hell to not get into medical school, you have a driving desire to become a doctor.

Just imagine your future.

You wrote an amazing medical school essay, you're racking up interviews left and right and then finally the offers of acceptance start to roll in.

And just remember this, "It only takes one," that's all you need to be on your way to medical school and put some letters behind your name.

Can you see yourself walking across the stage to shake the Dean's hand as you are helped into your crisp white coat that is embroidered with your medical school's insignia and your name. 

You may even be handed a stethoscope too.

Your parents are in the audience clapping and applauding as your name is called because they know the sacrifices it took to get you to this stage and now in less than 4 years your life will forever change.

You will graduate from medical school and officially become a doctor.

Going forever whenever you introduce yourself you can say you're a doctor and see the look of amazement, respect, and awe it brings to the faces of others upon this declaration.

You're a doctor!

And it all began with writing the perfect medical school personal statement.
Here's What I Can Do For Your Personal Statement
Don't toil or stress over the writing of your medical school personal statement.

I can dig into your medical school essay and ensure it's up to par so you can get an interview.

Not to brag, but my superpower is writing and editing.

Over 95% of students who work with me to completion of their personal statements get admitted. Wouldn't you like those odds for yourself?

Seriously, I can make you my next success story.

All you have to do is come to me with your "finished"  (5,300 character) personal statement and then I get to work making all the edits, revisions and changes so you can get a medical school interview invite.

In virtually all cases your final essay is going to be totally different from what you started out with.


Because I've been editing personal statements for more years than I care to admit and most students continually make the same mistakes over and over in their personal statements. 

So if I'm seeing these mistakes in the hundreds of medical school essays I edit, just imagine what AdComs see time and time with the thousands of statements they read each application cycle.

But you're in good hands because my years of editing will ensure you avoid all the common pitfalls that can totally derail your essay.

My process is very simple and here's what it consists of:

First, I do a general read of your personal statement to get a sense of what overall impression you make.

Then I systemically go through my editing checklist to ensure no stone is left unturned.

This is much more than a basic grammar and spell check editing service. 

I dive deep into your personal statement starting with the opening sentence to ensure it immediately grabs your reader's attention from the get-go. Then I ensure there are seamless transitions between each paragraph.

Talking about paragraphs I'm going to make sure the content of your essay is up to medical school admission standards. I find a lot of premeds talk about the same topics in their personal statements and it sabotages their chances of getting admitted.

Case in point...

I don't need to hear about how Dr. Jones is a great doctor who spends time carefully explaining things to patients, he has an excellent bedside manner, how very knowledgable he is, how he always takes the time to teach you and ultimately you want to be just like Dr. Jones when you're a practicing doctor.

What you just did is give me a glowing recommendation of Dr. Jones but this did nothing to help YOU get into medical school. 

Remember you're writing to showcase to AdComs why you deserve to be admitted so don't lose sight of this overall purpose of your personal statement. 

Another point, I will make sure you haven't just submitted a resume in paragraph form.

If I can find content in another part of your medical school application then you best believe I will tell you to cut it or edit it down. With only 5,300 characters you want every word to be meaningful and advance the story of who you are as a person.

Since these are all factors that are going through my mind plus plenty more you can realize just how thorough I am when working on your medical school essay.

There's a reason for why your final personal statement will almost be a complete 180 degree difference from when you started. 

Trust me, the investment is totally worth it.

You'll be walking away with a personal statement that tells your story in the most compelling way possible and moves the needle towards you being offered an acceptance. 

In a nutshell that's my job.

To do whatever editing of your medical school personal statement so you walk away with an essay that is uniquely yours, highlights all your attributes for a career in medicine and makes you a very relatable individual that AdComs want to meet in person by granting you a medical school interview.

If that's not exciting then I don't know what else to tell you.

You can finally stop typing, scratching your head, doing a million and one revisions and not knowing if you're getting any closer to a medical school essay that AdComs will thoroughly enjoy reading.

Trust, the care of your personal statement to me and together we'll craft a masterpiece that will blow away the competition and put you one step closer to being a doctor!

Become the Next Happy Student
You have helped me tremendously with my personal statement and on my journey as a premed student. Thank you so much for your feedback and guidance. I knew there were parts of my PS that really needed to be stronger, but I just didn't know what to work on or how to go about it. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my PS and giving me comments. - NAVEDEEP
I can't thank you enough for your help. Both for guiding me in the right direction with the paper and for completely revising it. I made a few minor changes to the final draft you sent me last week and submitted the application that day. I received an Acceptance Letter yesterday. It is difficult to write about oneself, especially one's failures and I'm grateful for your quick and great work. Thank you again for everything. - ROCHELLE
I am incredibly thrilled to let you know that I have been accepted to medical school at Case Western Reserve! The school is absolutely incredible with many opportunities. That being said - the school's statistics (gpa, sgpa, and otherwise) - are off the charts, so I know that Personal Statement that you helped me with made a difference. Thank You. I am very hopeful about my future in medicine, and I know that I could not have gotten to this point without your advice and edits on the PS. - JOANNA
Awesome Personal Statement Editing
  • More Than Spelling & Grammar - Content and Topic Ideas
  • Grabbing Your Reader's Attention - Your first sentence matters the most
  • Give AdComs What They Want - Answer Why Medicine & Why You
  • Stop Second Guessing - Expert Editor so You Can Avoid Any Pitfalls
  • Stellar Closing Paragram - Wrap Up so AdComs Invite You to Med School Interview
  • And So Much More...
How It Works
It's so easy to get started working with me.
1.) Submit Payment
2.) Email me your Personal Statement: jason (at) doctorpremed (dot) com
3.) Within 48hrs you'll have revisions

Personal Statement Editing
No Worries. This Writing Service Works
48 Hour Turnaround Time Guarantee
48 Hour Guarantee. Your admission worthy medical school personal statement will be back in your hands within 48 hours upon receipt of payment. I pride myself on working efficiently, accurately and digging into your essay so you have your best chance of success in getting to the next level. Trust me, you're gonna love the outcome. Please note this is a service and all sales are final.
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